The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Elizabeth Coatsworth

Published in 1930, this 87-page easy-to-read book won the Newbery Medal, the premier literary award for excellence in children’s books.

According to legend, the proud and haughty cat was denied Buddha’s blessings for refusing to accept his teachings and pay him homage. Therein hangs the tale: long ago in Japan, when an artist who, moved by compassion for his pet, included the cat in his painting, the priest who commissioned the work rejected the painting and decreed that it had to be destroyed. It looked like the impoverished artist’s life was ruined as well, until he his rewarded for his act of love b a Buddhist miracle.

This is a great book for everyone, from ages four to one hundred and four.

Barcode: 9781416949732
Price: $5.99 USD

Cat Who Went Heaven

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