The Heart of Islam

Enduring Values for Humanity

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

In this book one of the world’s leading Islamicists and foremost Muslim expert on the West offers a timely expression of core spiritual and social values of Islam, showing their complementarity to Jewish and Christian values as well as their positive contribution to a peaceful and humane global future. As Huston Smith writes:

Authored by the man who has influenced my thinking more than anyone else alive, this is exactly the right book—not to justify the tragic events of 9-11, but to counter the demonizing stereotypes of Islam that have proliferated with the war on terrorism. . . . Nasr is exactly the right man to author such a book, for I know of no one else who  is as solidly grounded in both authentic Islam and the complexities of the contemporary Western mind.

Barcode: 9780060730642
Price: $13.99 USD

The Heart of Islam

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