Moody Cow Meditates

Kerry Lee MacLean

The front cover with the steam coming out the cow’s ears says it all. It’s a great book for kids and the message is good for adults as well.

It’s a bad day for Moody Cow, everything goes wrong. The worse things gets, the madder and unhappier Moody Cow gets in a hilarious snowball effect. Seeing the situation, wise Grandfather Cow shows Moody Cow the state of his mind by putting sparkles in a glass jar:

“Grandfather put the lid on the jar and shook it up real good.

“This jar is like your mind right now,” he said, “angry thoughts bouncing all around the place.”

“Now, let’s see what happens when we let your angry thoughts settle down,” Grandfather said, putting the Mind Jar down in front of me. “Just sit quietly and see what happens.”

I sat up real straight, and then I got to ring the gong. Bongggg…

I sat watching all my angry thoughts swirl around like crazy in the jar.

A few thoughts slowed down and sank to the bottom … and then a few more …

It was so still I could feel my heart beating.

It was so quiet I could hear my breath going in …and out…in…and out…

I felt a ray of golden sunshine coming through the window.

It warmed my back and started to melt away the last of my anger.”

Barcode: 9780861715732
Price: $15.95 USD

Moody Cow Meditates

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