We offer a wonderful range of smaller statues for sale on the website. We have larger pieces in our store at the Santa Barbara Temple.


Shiva Lingam Small

These stones are from the Narmada river in India. Each stone is slightly different in size and color.The flow of […]

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Shiva lingam large

Shiva Lingam Large

Shiva lingam, polished stones from the Narmada river, which flows through the states of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat in India, […]

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Shiva Linga Yoni

A beautiful old Shiva linga, with a detachable head of the god Shiva, on a yoni.The features on Shiva’s face […]

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Kali with Ten Faces

A likely antique statue of the goddess Kali, probably from Bengal.The goddess is represented in a dynamic and powerful form […]

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Ganesh Relief

Beautifully carved ebony relief of the god Ganesha with mother-of-pearl inlay. The rich dark wood has been lightened in the […]

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Prince Siddhartha

This stylized statue of the young Prince Siddhartha who became the Buddha, has pleasing proportions with good detail, especially in […]

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A beautiful brass statue with lovely golden bronze and green patinas, of the “Lord who looks down,” Avilokateswara, the bodhisattva […]

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