Interpreting Ramakrishna

Kali's Child Revisited

Swami Tyagananda and Pravrajika Vrajaprana

This book is not in the slightest inspirational nor is it recommended reading. However, it is an important scholarly work only because it is a rebuttal to the controversial book Kali’s Child. For readers who are looking for a response to Kali’s Child, this book is a must-read. For those who’ve never encountered that book, don’t bother. Professor Gerald James Larson has written about this book:

Much has been written, pro and con, about Jeffrey J. Kripal’s controversial book, Kali’s  Child. Now the time may be ripe for a thoughtful overview of the many issues related to the controversy. Such a balanced overview is now available in Pravrajika Vrajaprana’s and Swami Tyagananda’s new book. . . . Overall their treatment of the issues, though clearly from their perspective as devotees of Ramakrishna, is balanced, scrupulously fair, and generous to all sides in the debate.


Material: paperback edition
Barcode: 9788120835320
Price: $19.95 USD

Interpreting Ramakrishna

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