A Celebration of Swami Swahananda’s Life.

A Celebration of Swami Swahananda's Life.

This is a set of two DVDs which include Swami Swahananda’s funeral that was held on Oct. 27th 2012 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, the memorial to him held in Hollywood on Dec. 1st, and the memorial in Santa Barbara on Dec. 8th. There is a beautiful thirty minute photo collage of Swami’s life, interviews of him talking about various venerable Swamis, and of course all of the inspiring reminiscences given by monks, nuns, and devotees at all three celebrations. For all his many disciples and those that had the privilege of being in his presence, this is a wonderful remembrance of him and for those who did not meet him, an inspiring glimpse into the life of a monk who devoted every minute of his long life in the service of Sri Ramakrishna.

Material: DVD
Size: 2 Discs
Barcode: 143040
Price: $15 USD


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