Living Wisdom

Vedanta in the West

Pravrajika Vrajaprana, editor

This book is an update of the 1945 classic Vedanta for the Western World and is comprised of various authors on topics relating to Vedanta philosophy and practice. As Carol Flinders, author of Enduring Grace, writes:

This new edition of the classic Vedanta for the Western World is timely and most welcome. The sanity and balance of Vedanta were never more sorely needed by the West and East alike. At least two-thirds of the essays are new, and they include the voices of contemporary writers, man of whom are from “outside the fold”: Huston Smith, for example, Father Thomas Keating, and Rabbi Asher Block—ample testimony to the marvelous inclusiveness that is the very hallmark of Vedanta. This may be the key to Vedanta’s enormous value for our time: its open mind, and what is infinitely more valuable, an open ehart. A fresh but timeless contribution to the literature of spiritual inquiry.

Barcode: 9780874810554
Price: $14.95 USD

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