Seeing God Everywhere

A Practical Guide to Spiritual Living

Swami Shraddhananda

The topics discussed in this book cover a range of mystical experiences in the Ramakrishna-Vedanta tradition. The joy of mystical experience comes through on every page, along with the assurance that we, too, can also have the experience of seeing God everywhere. What is truly unique in this book are Swami Shraddhananda’s articles on the mantra and japa, which are as inspiring as they are compelling. Huston Smith, considered the world’s living authority on world religions writes:

“Swami Shraddhananda is a deep and original thinker. His book, Seeing God Everywhere, conveys the beauty and joy of mystical experience while giving practical suggestions for navigating the search. To say that it is worth reading doesn’t begin to do justice to the book.”

Barcode: 9780874810523
Price: $12.95 USD

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